A dead coral reef in the tropical waters off Lombok’s Senggigi Beach was given new life on May 23,2014, by Indonesia’s acclaimed artist Teguh Ostenrik (www.teguhostenrik.com) the project’s inspiration and founder ,who “electrified” his metal sculptures with a revolutionary scientific process that turns dissolved minerals in seawater into Biorock, or “seament.”

The artist himself calls it an “ART-ificial” reef park, a gentle ocean floor for viewing art while snorkeling and diving amongst marine life. This project allows him (and other artists) to have a part in revitalizing the lost coral and to do it through his art.

His mission is to create a new diving and snorkeling spot to lessen the burden of natural coral, as well as support the tourism industry, which at the end shall move the community’s economy. The underwater sculpture is not just being the medium for artificial coral to grow, but it will be an attraction since day one the sculpture was sink into the water.

In the long run the ARTificial reef park project is intended to take place in all over Indonesia coastal.



Domus Sepiae – ARTificial Reef Park, has brought Teguh to be selected as Artist of the Year 2014 in Visual Arts Category by Tempo Magazine.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support we got to realised this idea : Qunci Villas team, Gili Eco Trust – Delphine Robbe, Lombok Hotel Association, DSM Dive, Contained Energy, DKP, Accommindo Asia, Eric Levy, all the Crew, Volunteers and the Eco Warriors.

We sincerely hope this project could grows and give a greater impact to the environment, the community and Lombok tourism industry.